The Hero

Once you've started your Quest, you're on your Hero's journey. The Hero knows what they want but needs a loyal sidekick to keep them company along the way. This package is for the flourishing brand that wants to change its story's narrative.

Discovery & Strategy

First things first, we need to strategize. During this initial phase, we'll work closely together to discover your brand's soul & create a strategy that is aligned & dynamic.

We'll meet Bi-Weekly for 30 minutes to discuss your brand's progress.

Discovery Questionnaire

Once you're onboarded, a comprehensive discovery questionnaire is sent to you to fill out. This helps us understand your brand in-depth to create content that perfectly captures your brand's identity.


Buyer's Journey Mapping

Once the questionnaire is done & we've hopped on an intensive call to discuss the strategy, we'll craft a robust Buyer's Journey Map for your brand to ensure we're creating experiences that truly deliver on your brand's promise. This crucial step helps alchemize visitors into paying customers, strategic partners, and/or aligned clients.


Funnel Design

Together, we'll craft one campaign and design a funnel to ensure we strategically utilize our content marketing efforts to get your brand the results it deserves.


Client Persona Mapping

At the core of a brand's strategy is the ideal client/customer persona. If we don't know who we are talking to, we might as well be speaking at a brick wall.

We'll craft a strategic Aligned Client Persona for your brand using Empathy Maps & Design Thinking. This will help us cultivate an intentional tone of voice to cultivate effective content & messaging. Crafting this ensures that our efforts yield the results you seek for your brand.


Website Optimization

A website's more than an interactive poster; it's the digital storefront of your brand! Your website's purpose is to alchemize the visitors into aligned partners, paying customers & dream clients. We'll review your current website and optimize it, so it's strategic & impactful.

Content Creation

Our services are entirely Done-For-You, meaning all you'll have to do is review the content we create for the week, give us your feedback & approval to schedule to post.

*Our packages include 5 weekly content pieces.


We'll craft all of your brand's design content—from Instagram carousels & stories to Pins & LinkedIn graphics.

All of the designs produced will be on-brand & optimized for conversion.



Copywriting is the single most effective collateral to expand your brand's influence. Content aligned with your brand's messaging & tone of voice not only magnetizes aligned audiences but also helps alchemize them into customers & clients.

The copywriting we create at the atelier is built on the brand's foundation. Meaning, we wordsmith content that incorporates the brand's tone of voice & pillars to pierce through the noise & effectively communicate directly to the dream audience.


Content Repurposing

An impactful brand is omnipresent and consistent with its message without redundancy. To achieve this, we'll repurpose your content across channels and optimize the message for each social channel so that your brand isn't a broken record.


Video Editing

Video is quickly become the Queen of all content. However, it not always fun sitting in front of the computer, editing a video that takes hours upon hours. We will edit & optimize your raw footage to ensure it is not only on brand but is optimized for the channels such as Youtube, Tiktok & Instagram Reels.

Email Marketing

Email marketing's one of the most effective ways to intimately connect with your soul audience & build deep connections that last.

Sequence Planning & Setting Up

We'll plan your email sequence starting from the beginning to welcome your subscribers to the community. A strategic set of emails follows this to warm up your new subscribers & build trust.


One Lead Magnet Development & Design

To attract quality subscribers that align with our Soul Client Persona, we all know that we need to craft a quality lead magnet that delivers on the brand's promise & the quality of its offers.

We'll craft a strategic, quality lead magnet for your brand that includes:

  • A Landing page housing the sign-up form & the details of the lead magnet.
  • An Exit page to thank them for signing up & to offer them an enticing Call to Action.
  • Set up of the lead magnet in the sequence.

Bi-Weekly Email Blast

In addition to the Welcome Sequence, we'll craft bi-weekly email blasts to connect with your subscribers regularly. This helps maintain a healthy relationship with your audience without spamming their inboxes & pushing them to hit "unsubscribe."


Reporting & Optimization

The magic is in the data. We will closely monitor the analytics & send you a monthly report. Based on the data, we will then optimize our email content & re-strategize our efforts to ensure we meet the target goals.

Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing's more than just posting content & leaving it at that.

It requires nurturing & constant cultivation, like a garden, to ensure it not only stays alive but continues to thrive.

*Up to THREE channels.

Content Scheduling

Content management is just as important, if not more, than the content a brand creates. Therefore, we manage the content schedule for you and plan it to meet brand intentions and seasonal campaigns and support the Buyer's Journey map we crafted during our intensive sessions.


Grid Planning (IG)

You've got 5 seconds to convince your visitor that your profile's worth following. Therefore, we consider your Instagram feed your brand's business card. We'll intentionally & strategically plan your Instagram grid to showcase your brand's core.


Social Media Engagement

The key to being successful on social media is to be social. We'll engage on your social media as your brand while also ensuring that we stay true to your brand's persona.


Pinning (Pinterest)

In addition to creating & scheduling your brand's Pins on Pinterest, we will also strategically re-pin content aligned with your brand & also help generate social connections on the platform.


Reporting & Optimizing

The magic's in the data. We'll closely monitor the analytics & send you a monthly report. Based on the data, we'll strategically pivot our social media efforts to ensure that they yield the intended results for your brand.

Digital Ads

Organic marketing's great, but paid media brings you the visibility that your brand deserves.

Facebook & Instagram Ads Only.

Ads Campaign Strategy & Planning

We will strategize your ad campaign based on the quarterly goals of your brand. We will ensure that the ads are in alignment with the Buyer's Journey to maximize results.


Ads Management

We'll manage all of your ad campaigns, so you don't have to lift a finger! We'll set up your ads, ensuring that they're functional & troubleshoot should any problems arise.


Creative Development

The real meat of the ad campaign lies in the creative. From design to copy, we'll craft a strategic and compelling ad creative for your brand that not only stops the Soul Client from scrolling but entices them to take the intended action.


Strategic partnerships & connections in the industry are key to expanding a brand's network and helping to elevate its credibility & authority.

PR Plan & Strategy

We'll develop a strategic PR plan that will allow your brand to become the talk of the town & beyond quickly!


Relationship Management

A brand is as successful as the connection it builds. We'll manage your brand's relationships, whether with the influencers who help you promote your offers, strategic partners who partner up with you on campaigns, or publication channels that will help spread the word about your brand.


Opportunity Seeking

We'll seek opportunities on your brand's behalf so you can solely focus on what you do best—building your brand. From guest speaking on podcasts to securing placement in editorials, we'll seek & manage opportunities so your brand can skyrocket.


Looking for more than the standard offer? We give our clients the option of upgrading their plan to truly meet them where they're at.

Marketing Advising/Coaching

Looking for a Done-For-You service that comes with support & advising? Our founder has over 3 years of experience as a brand + business coach. This add-on includes a weekly 60 min 1:1 to guide you on your entrepreneurship journey.


Additional Lead Magnets Development

Have more than email campaigns that require more lead magnets? No worries! We can develop & design more lead magnets as needed.



Your content's more than graphic design elements & copy. The most impactful type of content is dynamic in imagery like branded photographs. We'll provide one 60 minute brand shoot.

*Based in Toronto, ON



Your content is more than graphic design elements & copy. In fact, the most impactful content is one that incorporates dynamic imagery like photographs & video that are on-brand and encapsulate the energy of the brand. Moreover, video is quickly becoming the Queen of all content thanks to Tiktok & Instagram reel.

We will take professional videos of your brand & its products.

*Products must be mailed to our studio


Additional Social Media Channel

Have ambitious social media marketing plans that require presence in more than THREE channels? We're more than happy to help you expand your digital presence.