Our story starts with the mission to make this world a more wholesome place by cultivating the influence of mindful, artisanal brands.

Message from the Founder

Hi, I am Fatima, founder & the Chief Storyteller at zehra studio.

zehra studio  was founded out of my passionate love for storytelling + the overwhelming need for brands to effectively share their story & connect with their soul audience through content creation & online marketing.

With two degrees in design and business + 15 years of working for start ups, small businesses and personal brands, I have had the unique experience of crafting brand stories that are both strategic & aesthetically magnetic.

The Studio

From strategy to content creation, we, as small businesses, are compelled to tackle it all on our own. However, just because we can doesn't mean we should.

Marketing, especially content creation, is a full time job in and of itself. It requires grit, knowledge & an ocean full of curiosity.

At zehra studio, we are your brand's marketing team comprised of a brand strategist, marketing manager, copywriter, graphic designer & project manager. We help you strategically craft your brand's marketing plan & then execute it all for you while you focus on your zone of genius. From strategy & planning to content creation & social media management, we take care of it all.

Marketing Strategy

No content will ever be impactful without being backed by a solid strategy. At zehra studio  we work closely with brands to conceptualize their marketing strategy that yields results.

Content Creation

There is a whole lot more to content creation than aesthetic. We aim to cultivate content that not only tells the brand's story but also magnetizes & deeply connects with its soul audience.

Brand Management

Your brand is more than a logo. It is an entity that needs to be constantly nurtured & cultivated. We help you manage your brand from its social media presence & network building to evolving its aesthetic & keeping it relevant in the every-changing market.

Paid Media

Organic marketing is great but it is in fact paid media that gets you the visibility your brand deserves. As a full-service agency, we work with brands to increase their influence via paid FB ads, PR partnerships & more!

It's time to let your brand story be known.

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