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6 Digital Marketing Tips to Elevate Your Beauty Brand

February 25, 2022

Over the past couple of years, the beauty industry has skyrocketed. And it’s expected to grow another 3.5% worldwide by 2023. So, on the one hand, it’s comforting to know that business is in high demand, butttttttt that also means you have a lot of competition. 

With 96% of beauty brands establishing their social media presence (Statista) and well over 100,000 beauty companies in the U.S. alone, how do you make your brand shine like shiny lip gloss? 

Well, you’re in the right place because today, we’re going to go into our top 6 tips on how to promote beauty products online. 

1. Build your community. 

Start your own Facebook group, Slack channel, or Discord server and invite your audience to join in. Share tips, host live Q+A’s and ask your audience how they use their favourite products to jazz up their look. 

One of our favourite examples is Glossier’s Into the Gloss Facebook Group. What we love about it is that the group is moderated and not sponsored by them. Community members freely talk about their favourite brands and why they favour certain products over others (talk about market research goldmine 🤯). 

2. Figure out what makes your brand unique and run with it. 

How do you stand out? Do you only use locally sourced ingredients in your skincare products? Is your mascara clump-free? Whatever the case, utilize it in your brand’s messaging, to pique customers’ interest. 

3. Seek out micro-influencers

While not every brand can be as lucky as Aveeno to have Jennifer Aniston promoting them for 35 years, you can still be credible in your niche. 

Today, people aren’t interested in how much brands paid off a celeb to endorse their product—they’re onto those marketing tactics. People want to hear from people just like them. They want to feel represented and seen in the marketing they consume, which is why micro-influencers (influencers who have a following between 10k-100k) are valuable to your strategy.

4. Ask for testimonials. 

If you don’t already have a library of testimonials, get the ball rolling yourself (no… don’t make your own testimonials, duh). 

Reach out to people who recently purchased a product or multiple. Send them an email or D.M. and ask them how they’ve enjoyed the products so far. BAM! Testimonial. ✅ 

Take it a step further and ask if they’d take a photo of them using it so you can share it on your page. Not only will they be flattered that you reached out to them, but they’ll be more inclined to become a returning customer. 

5. Celebrate with giveaways. 

Who doesn’t love free products?

Have fun and play around with this! Tell your audience that they can sign up to your email list as an extra entry, or get them to tag their friends and share the post on their story. It’s free publicity for you and excites your audience. 

Bonus points: collab with another brand or organization to elevate your giveaway. You’ll be introduced to their followers and vice versa. It’s a simple but highly effective way to widen your reach without splurging on ads. 

6. Promote educational content. 

This is similar to point #1 about community building, but more directed towards your public-facing pages like TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts. While you don’t want to forget to promote your products, you don’t want to be a broken record sharing promo content. Add value to their life!

In a highly competitive industry, be different. 

Whether this is through engaging with micro-influencers, giveaways, or other ways that we didn’t get to today, honing your values and what makes your brand unique will help take you to the next level. 

Want more tips like this in bite-sized chunks? Make sure you follow our Chief Storyteller on Twitter @fatimazehraco

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